Jorgen Polman photographs to portray his vision on our world. He creates his own spaces, meticulously removes all the obstacles and carefully fills the space with people and objects; images that speak for themselves. Since 1990, even before the Digital Revolution, he has been working with "negative sandwiching" and analogue photo montages. At the time of his first exposition his way of working, the creation of a personal portrait of an era instead of the creation of a historical document of an era, was still rather unusual. Well equipped with the knowledge and experience of the analogue trade, he confronted the challenges of digital photography. His travels and his immediate surroundings inspired him with new ideas and were captured in new series.


Polmans art is inspired by his perception of reality. The boundaries between what is seen as normal and what not, are constantly fading because there is always one burning question: what is the truth?

He draws the attention to landscapes of darkness and light. His work is characterized by the impact of shadows and radiance. He brings the compilations to life and delivers a message of duality. Because of this secure way of working it often takes a long time, sometimes several months, before he completes a collage.


Polman teaches at the Fotoacademy Eindhoven.